Intruder (1989)

What is not to like about INTRUDER?  It’s got a tight one building setting–a small town grocery store and its immediate exterior.  The cast spans a decent range of ages and backstory becomes a non-issue because it is a workplace setting so you have the older owners and the young crew who need no other reason given for being there except for work.  The time frame is over the course of one night and the pacing is excellent.

There is no nudity and the female leads are attractive in a wholesome 1980s way, one of which is the sister to the Warlock himself, Renee Estevez.  Also appearing in this film are Sam Raimi, Ted Raimi, and Bruce Campbell for the horror who’s who.  The acting is by no means good but it fades to the background as the story and the slaughter progresses.  It seems to be set in Detroit or Ferndale as reference is made to Nine Mile Road.  The fact that most of the folks involved in the film were from Detroit also lends to setting.

The movie had a long road to go.  One of the money folks behind it was Charlie Band at Empire, but Empire went under.  Band took Intruder with him and released it under a different label, Phantom Pictures or some such.  It was distributed under Paramount as a direct to video release because Band had that arrangement just before he formed Full Moon Features.  

The original release was slaughtered with cuts.  Most of the over the top gore was edited out for cutaway kills.  It was a different time when this was released so thankfully the footage was saved for the restored and uncut gem we have today.

The gags work well too.  The gore is great for such a low budget slasher.  It isn’t the cheesy campy levels of Hershel Gordon Lewis but it is extreme and will satisfy gore hounds. The story works quite well.  There is a red herring set up at the beginning but the real twist is at the end when Bruce shows up to save the day!

I think of INTRUDER as a message film showing young people how even if their corporate overlords love them, as Bill obviously did before he lost his fucking shit, they will then proceed to maim, mutilate and emotionally scar them as they kill them.  

Good pacing, crazy long red herring set up.  Awesome twist ending.  Ridiculously over the top and gory kills.  No nudity, no unnecessary overly done character development.  Just well done.  Check it out!

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