Buried Treasure: The Night Brings Charlie (1990)

All I could remember about this was I used watch the crap out of this on an old used rental VHS copy.  Now all I can think is what the fuck was wrong with me?  This movie is by no means great, but it doesn’t suck as much as some of the shit I’ve seen that is a hell of a lot newer.  I’m fucking talking to you YELLOWBRICKROAD and BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE.  In case you think I’ve forgotten you,  I haven’t yet but maybe by next week.  You’ll still fucking suck then too.

What’s shakin’ Chuck?

I like the small town slashers.  This totally rips off THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN and FRIDAY THE 13th PART II.  The maniacal killer or the town gork, Charlie wears a burlap sack with goggles.  The hilarious part is everyone knows him and they greet him by name on the street in the middle of the day.  The outfit is simple but still effective, much like the miner from MY BLOODY VALENTINE (a fine Canadian horror movie, unlike most of the shit being shoveled today).  

As to the murders there are no witnesses and no one has a clue who it is doing this.  The medical examiner seems to only know that a serrated blade is involved in a series of gruesome murders.  Young folks get their heads sawed off and the heads are not found. Pretty cool way to off them.  They do the best practical effects they can with their modest budget and it pays off.

Cringe there, we need to finance this flick.

Unbelievable amount of product placement for such a low budget flick.  Pepsi everywhere.  To the point that it is distracting.  I find myself trying to guess what the characters are drinking.  Okay, so I’m not.  I’m not quite that lame, not quite.  

Third can from the left made this film possible.

Even the shower during an overly long nude scene was disrupted.  My thought process went like this: Holy shit!  Look at those tits hey is that Diet Pepsi in the shower, who the fuck showers with Diet Peps–whoa look at those tits.

Anyhow it is poorly shot and looks as grainy as you could expect an early 90’s late 80’s slasher to be.  The plot is full of more holes than a shotgunned hooker.  Such as the MUTE guy sitting in jail for the killings that the killer PHONED in to mock the Sheriff over.  By the way ever notice how the head of town law enforcement in these horror flicks is always a sheriff.  Why not a police chief?  I don’t know.  It strikes me as odd.

Yet another thing that kills me about this movie is that the sheriff’s dispatcher/secretary is obviously channeling Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. Other than talking about going to pee or shit her big line is, “That’s the fifteenth person today who wants your nuts on a plate. When are you gonna catch that guy?’

What can I say this is actually decent shit for a no budget slasher.  The end is a little weak but what a ride through a small town that is not overly concerned about the shit going down at night.

This is the face I made when I found a copy of this little gem.

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